Monday, June 11, 2007

Meet The Houdek's

Hi everyone. I thought that this might be an easier way of keeping everyone posted one whats been going on with the Houdek's.

Abbie's hit her terrible two's. She has her bad days and her good. As you can see in the picture that was part of her good day. She loves to play in the dirt. Abbie's been saying full sentences and picking up on new words. She says CAR SEAT just like granny Thia (with a boston accent).

William has been growing so fast I don't know
how to keep up. Some of the clothes that he's
in are 6 to 9 months. He weights in at 17 lbs and is 27 inches long. He talks all the time and is extreamly ticklish. This weekend he decided to start cutting his teeth and he doesn't like it at all.

As for Josh and I. We've been hard at work trying to get things done around the house. This weekend Josh put up trim to the upstairs hallway (looks real snappy). I've been working slowly on my pond. I have 6 fish (thanks to mommy houdek) and lots of plants. We also have a good size garden this year (thanks to granny Thia). More will be posted next weekend. Bye.

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