Monday, January 7, 2008

To cute for words

Hey everyone. Things here in Houdekville are great. As you can see, I made William and Josh matching ties. Josh told me that if I made him one he would wear it. I think they look so cute.

Abbie has been keeping my hands full. She wakes up like she just had 10 bowls of candy and doesn't stop. I really wish that I could have some of her energy at times. As you can see, Abbie got roller skates for christmas. She is doing quite well with them. She went from the far end of the couch all the way to her bedroom without falling and holding on to anything.

William is doing great. He has mastered pulling himself up and is now walking along the couch. I think he will be walking before his birthday. He also has discovered a new sound. He is know saying gaw gaw. I hope he will say dada soon. I guess well see.

Well that is all what has been going on. I'll write again next week. Bye.

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The Sutton Clan said...

I love those ties! You should make some to sell! They are adorable!