Monday, June 15, 2009

Fun in Rexburg

Well, I was sitting at the computer and told myself that I really needed to update my blog. I am truly sorry.
I guess I'll start were I have left off last time. At the end of May the kids and I went to spend the week with Josh in Rexburg. We usually don't do much when were there, but that week was a fun one.
Noelle decided to take the kids and I to Egan Lake (sorry if spelling is wrong). There the kids, Noelle and I walked through sand and water to get to where we set camp. The water was not to cold so the kids had a lot of fun.

Later that week the kids and I went and spent the day with my mom and sister. We went to the park and ate lunch then we all went the the Museum Of Idaho. They had the exibit of the Titanic. I thought it would be lots of fun the go.

When we got there the ladys at the desk gave us our tickets and a card with a persons name on it. So when we were done we could look on the wall and see if our person survived or was lost at sea. They even had a big sheet of ice so you could feel was a iceburg would look like up close. To my surprise Abbie had so much fun looking at all the cool things that were on the ship.

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Orton Family said...

Wow - that is so neat!! Egan lake looks beautiful right there off the dunes! I think next time we visit Brent's folks in Rexburg we will have to make a trip over there! Glad you had a great time!