Friday, June 29, 2007

Hello from the Houdek's

This week the kids and I were way busy. We did a lot of church activitys. I think Thursday was Abbie's favorite. The Releif Socitey had a 'Mommy and Me Day' where we played in the water. And as all of you know how much my kids love the water. Abbie been having more and more fun with William. She loves to play with him and read him her books.

William is just getting bigger and bigger. As you can see in the swing, there isn't much room left.He rolled over for the first time last Saturday. And if you know Abbie, William is the same way. Wants you do something new why keep on doing it.

Josh is getting more and more done with the patio. This weekend he should have the cover in and running. Which means that the pavers are next. We are so excited.

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caci said...

Abby looks so big. She is becomeing big kid.