Saturday, June 23, 2007

So Refreshing

Hey everyone! Hope all is well. Things here in Houdekville are great. William went swimming for the first time this week and had a blast. To him is was just a great big bath tub, but just a tid bit colder. He's just been getting bigger and bigger by the minute.

Abbie's been doing good. We were playing beek-a-boo today and she said "I see you". It was way cute. We also figured out what see see meant. She was singing a song off of one of her veggie tale movies. Now that we know what it is we sing it to her all the time.

Josh and I have been working on the patio this week. Josh took three days off of work to work on it. We got our pool cover in on Friday so Josh is trying to get that done so the pavers can go in.

I started my new calling last week. I am the assistant activity days person. I think that I am really going to love hanging out with the girls in our ward and getting to know them each. Well I will write again next week. Bye.

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caci said...

love the water bums. he is getting so big. glad all is well with you.