Saturday, July 14, 2007


Hey everyone. This week has been very eventful. We still had some family here from the wedding and as you can see in the picture, we also got to find out how slow the ER in Caldwell is. Our week started out really fun. Autumn and I started to paint Abbie's new room. The wall turned out really good. Well, Today (which is Saturday) I decided to start moving bedroom funiture around. That's when Abbie fell and slit her hand open. She got 7 stitches. She sure is a trooper thought. She only cried for a little bit when it happened and when the doctor was numbing it. They said that she was the best 2 year old they have ever had.

William is doing great. He's been eating lots and lots of baby food. His favorite treat is frozen ice. He could suck on it all day if we let him. He also is getting so strong. He is starting to pull himself up and trying to sit. Well, I'm going to go. For those of you that been in my new computer room, it is very hot. So I will write again later. Bye.

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