Saturday, August 4, 2007

Greetings from planet earth.... Things down here are fine and dandy. As you can see we are closer to getting the patio done. It turned out really nice.

Abbie and William have been keeping us busy. Abbie has learned about a million new words. She's become a regular Noelle (jabber-box). She's adapted to her big girl bed, and now she enters and exits it on command, most of the time anyway. we are hoping that she will complete obedience school in the near future so mommy doesn't have to beat her on a regular basis. lol... We all went to the Caldwell Park today. Abbie had a lot of fun going down the slides and swinging.

William has been getting bigger and bigger by the day. He found his feet the other day and decided to play with them. Josh and I were worried that he couldn't reach them because of his manly stature. He does take after his dad you know. lol...

Well, I gotta go. Hope that you all have a really exciting week. Bye

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