Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pajama Time

Hey Everyone. Things here are great. I have been trying to get my house a little more organized. It's coming along quite nicely. Just working on one room at a time. Josh is doing well also. He got sand this week for the patio. All we need is some motivation and we might get it done sometime this year. Of course me telling him to sit and relax all the time probably doesn't help.
Abbie has been doing great this week. I noticed this that she got 3 new teeth, her 2 year molars. I guess that means that she's just getting bigger. I'm not to sure if I am ready for that yet. But I welcome it with open arms.
William on the other hand has been a pain in my side. Josh figured out why he hasn't been sleeping well for me. He decided that the energy drink that I have been drinking gives William energy to. I figured that Josh could be right just this once. So no more energy for me. William also got some really spiffy PJ's from his Auntie Autumn, that she made. He's wearing them in the pic above. The are a little big but he will grow into them.
I hope that you all have a wonderful week. Love you all.

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