Monday, September 22, 2008

Hey everyone. Not much happenin here. Weather has been nice. We haven't had to use the air condioning for a little over two weeks now. I just turn our house fan on at night for a while.

Well as most of you know Josh left back to Rexburg yesterday, so I am all along again for another week. But I will keep busy making a 'Belle' dress for my niece Tess. Abbie and her will be matching this year since there fav. princess is Belle.

So far my week as been very interesting. Abbie woke me up at 6:30 to tell me that her blanket was broken ( with means it is no longer on the bed or covering her ) so I had to go and fix it. I then tried to go back to sleep when at 7:30 she decided she had to go potty. By then William wanted up and the day began.

When I went to get him out of his room I could only open the door a few inches. He had jumped in his bed so much that it moved and blocked his door. All I could see was his smiling face between his door and wall.

A little later William and I cuddled on the couch to watch 'Super Why' ( a show on pbs ) when Abbie decided to have water arobics in the kitchen. There was water half way up my floor, and she was wet from head to toe. And it had happened before 10:00. WHAT A DAY!!!

Well, I should go. It's nap time and my only time alone until 8:00 tonight. Does anyone know how to speed up time or even stop it? If so please let me know. Bye.


The Hemming's said...

Your Belle dress is Amazing!You are so talented!

Kristi M. said...

That dress is incredible!! You do such an amazing job.

Orton Family said...

Wow what a day!!! That is fun that you are making those cute princess dresses - quite a talent Melanie!!! It is adorable. I liked the way you talked about the cute things your children say and do and "water aerobics"! Thank heaven for children. Hope you are having a good week!!! Bye!

Kurt and Michelle said...

Her dress is so beautiful, you are so amazing at making the most beautiful creations!