Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Abbie!!!

Sorry that it's been so long since the last blog. I've been kinda busy. I made another Belle dress for my niece Tess. And then we had a birthday party for Abbie with all of our family. The weather was horrible all morning. It rained so much it flooded part of the yard. Luckily at 4:00 when that party was going to start the sun came out and we were able to have it outside.

And then that Monday on her birthday we had her first party with her friends from nursery. She had a great time. We had pizza, cake, and ice cream. All the kids even went outside and played for a while.

The next day we all got in the car with grandma and Aunt Sarah and drove to Idaho Falls. There Abbie got to spend the week with gammy and William and I went on to Rexburg to spend with Josh, Auntie Autumn, Uncle Jason, and Auntie Noelle. William had sooo much fun with his Uncle. He even started calling him Jason. They even went to the store together just the two of them. I think they enjoyed each other a lot.

Abbie at her first party. That's the Belle cake that I made all by myself.

Abbie and all her friends at her 2nd party enjoying pop cycles and the sun.

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Kristi M. said...

Happy Birthday Abbie! It was so nice of you to invite Gunnar...the resident boy in the bunch. He still talks about Abbie's birthday randomly. I think that he had lots of fun.