Monday, December 8, 2008

Well it's been a while since the last update. We've been back and forth to Pocatello since the last update.

The kids and I were able to stay with Josh's sister Autumn the first few days at her house. She wanted a sleep over with the kids for her birthday. She had a great party and later that night us girls went out and saw Twilight. It wasn't to bad. I was only disappointed in what they didn't put in. But they can't have it all.

We spent Thanksgiving with Josh's family and had a great time. Terrilynn and I went shopping Friday morning and hit all the shopping maddness. I did get the kids presents done. So I'm getting there.

Since we've been back I have been cleaning house and trying to teach Abbie how to spell her name. As you can see in the picture she got the A down pretty good. The next day she said she wanted to practice her ABC's. That makes me happy that she wants to learn.

William's been doing pretty good in the talking department. He says "thanks" when you give him something and he also says "drink". He is starting to make life a little easier now that he is communicating.

This weekend Josh came home and we all went to Eric and Terrilynn's house to ride the four wheelers. Abbie had a blast. She kept tell Eric to go faster. He said he had it up to 40 and she was still telling him faster. That little girl is just like her daddy. They love the speed. William thought that it was ok until I took him on it. Then anytime I got on he wanted to go. I think he likes to take it slow like me. The fastest I would go was 30.

We did have a fun weekend with daddy. We hope to see him again next weekend.

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Kristi M. said...

I am so a take it slow gal myself. Everytime I get on one of those things I have visions of tipping over playing out in my head. Gunnar on the other hand likes it fast.