Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Break

Well I know that its been a while since the last update. The kids and I went up to Pocatello for christmas break. Josh was able to have two weeks off so we all enjoyed the extra time with him.

We started our break at Josh's sisters house and finished the christmas shopping. They got a lot of snow the few days we were there, so Josh and Jason wanted to build a slide all made out of snow. We all helped and got it at least started. I have a couple of videos of Josh and Noelle jumping off the roof of Autumn's house into the big pile of snow. Josh got sort of stuck. It took Jason a few tries just to get him out.

Later we all went to Gammy and Gampy's house. Abbie and William had a great christmas. On christmas eve I took the kids to the mall to see Santa. This was the first year Abbie told him what she wanted. For some reason she wanted a airplane. Go figure. So as you can see in the picture she got one.

They both made out like bandits. Later that day we all went to Idaho Falls to visit my parents for christmas dinner. The kids also got spoiled there by Auntie Sarah.

Later the kids both decided to get sick. Abbie kept getting fevers left and right. After a few days Josh and I decided to take them both in to see what was wrong. They both had strep. Abbie got it the worst. Her mouth was so swollen she could barley understand what she was saying. After a few days the were getting a lot better.

Now were home and trying to get back into our rotten again. Here are just a few pic of our christmas.

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