Monday, January 19, 2009


Sorry I haven't updated since christmas. I've been busy trying to get everyone back on schedule. William has only sleep one full night since we've been home. Then we canceled our home phone and in the process they canceled our internet. I just got it back on friday night, then Josh came home and I never got the chance until now to get on the computer.

Since my last post we had a few things happen. Abbie started sunbeams. The first two sundays she wanted to go back to her old class with William. But last sunday we were in Eric's ward for David's blessing and she couldn't wait to go to class. I say her in Primary sing along and having fun. In fact she didn't want to leave when church was over. So Emily, things should be better for you this sunday.

Now my little girl isn't so little anymore. For christmas we got her a bike. She goes so fast on it, she maneuvers around furniture like its nothing. Also during christmas break she started playing a memory game on Noelle's computer. She did amazingly good. Without any help she could win and start a new game.

William is getting better since we got home. Still up most nights but I am trying to figure out how to fix it. He is now on big boy cups. In fact I threw out his sippy cup the first week we got home. I know that he misses it a lot but he does great without it.

Things around the house a slowly coming around. Since Josh is out of town a lot not much gets done. I am slowly trying to get the small projects finished for him. Not much luck so far with the kids. I do have a couple a projects that I started for myself. I am making two baby afghans for my sister in laws. I am making a butterfly one for Autumn and a different one for Pam. I wont say what it is because she doesn't know what she is having yet so I don't want to spoil the surprise for her (sorry Pam).

Well I should go Abbie is calling for me. The video is when we got home. I thought it was funny because of William.


Autumn said...

You make such BEAUTIFUL babies! Two things: Abbie is SO big and I'm not sure I like it. Also, your family picture is adorable! I like it a lot a lot!

Brent Orton said...

Life sounds exciting for you! You are so good to make all of these fun projects! John felt just like Abbie and didn't want to go into Sunbeams- he is still having a hard time with it but I think they all will get better at it quickly! Your children are very sweet - I love to see the videos and it looks like Abbie loves the bike!

I just tried to call your home phone and couldn't get through- (We just use cell phones too!) so I thought I would contact you this way! Would you give me a call when you get a chance? The RS was wondering if you and Sister Dayley could work together to bring dinner into the Larsen's on Tuesday or Wednesday this week (depending on when they get home)

Let me know if that could work for you! Good luck with all you are doing!