Monday, February 9, 2009

Last friday Josh called me up and asked if we wanted to spent the week with him in Pocatello. Of course I said yes. So I got the kids and I packed up and left to see daddy. It was a long trip but it was well worth it.

When we got there Josh's brother and his family were already there. So Abbie and William got to spend time with there cousins.
Abbie and I decided to make the princess pictures shes been after me about. So Abbie and I were on a hunt to find the perfect paper and princesses for the job. We found everything we needed and got going on our project. I think that hey turned out pretty nice.
William and I have been practicing on some new words. His newest and I think fav. word is "food", he knows when you say it something good comes with it. He is also trying to say some names. He also did the funniest thing the other day at my in-laws house. Josh's mom had made cookies and let the kids have some after their lunch. Well apparently one wasn't enough for William. When no one was looking he moved one of the chairs from the dinning room and pushed it all the way to the kitchen. Then all of a sudden I herd the lid to the cookie jar. When I looked up all I could see was the top of his head. When we went to get him he had a cookie in his hand and less then a half an inch from his mouth. As soon as Josh got to him he through it back into the jar. We were both so proud of him for being so creative. However he didn't get another cookie again til much later that day.
Josh and I are doing pretty good. We aren't to sure when he will be home for good, but I do hope soon.

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