Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well, we had a fun Easter this year. Abbie really got excited for the Easter bunny to come. The night before we died the eggs, it was William's first time.

The next day when they woke up Abbie and William started their hunt. They found their baskets and lots of candy in the living room. William was funny, instead of running around getting eggs he would get one, eat all the candy in it and them find another one. But they both had a lot of fun.

After finding all the eggs I got the kids in their Easter clothes. I made Abbie's dress and found William's suit at Shopko for cheap. They both looked so cute.
This week Josh got to stay home and not have to work. Well, he is working but with no pay. We just pay him with love. We got the sprinklers in in the front yard and its now ready for grass. The garden is now ready to plant and he is now finishing the skylight in the master bath.
Yesterday after William's nap Josh thought it would be fun to go to the park and fly kites. We tried. It was just to windy. Abbie on the other hand managed to get her kite up by herself. It stayed up for about 10 min. The point is we all had fun running around like idiots.

We also went to Eric and Terrilynn's house and saw their neighbors new baby goat. She was adorable.

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