Saturday, August 29, 2009


Well, this week we went camping for the first time with kids. It was fun and a whole lot of work. First it was from my understanding a two mile hike. My father-in-law forgot to tell me that it was up hill about 90% of the time.

We did make it to the top and back down again. Here's some pictures of our adventure.

Abbie and William at the beginning to the trail

This was the steepest part. And it was sure hard coming down it.

Here's the lake that we camped at. I think its called Island Lake.

Josh and I at the top of the mountain on the next day hike. The bottom is where we camped at.The lake that we hiked to.

One of the deers that come to our camp. We had so many. One even liked to watch William play around the camp site.


Mitchell Maddness said...

I love the picture of you and Josh!! We sure miss you guys! xoxoxoxoxo

Kristi M. said...

Fun! Not sure about the hiking parts but the lakes are beautiful.

Shauna said...

you go girl!! I remember you telling me Josh's idea of camping is packing it all in. The spot looks beautiful!

the sutton clan said...

Gorgeous!!! That looks like so much fun!