Sunday, September 20, 2009

Update on the Houdek's

Well, a lot has been going on since my last post. I have been busy making halloween costumes and a blanket for William. And Josh has been busy tearing down the garage and building a new one. So here are some pics. Sorry if they are not that good. When we went camping my camera fell into the lake and it doesn't work anymore. These pictures were taken with my phone.

Garage went bye bye
Josh in a rut.... he's drilling a hole in the foundation
After they poured the concrete and now smoothing it
Josh playing with his blocks

Abbie's halloween costume

Tess's costume that I made. Abbie was a good helper
for me so I could make sure that it would fit Tess.

Abbie's hair before the hair cut
Her hair after

William's batman/superman blanket


Kristi M. said...

Your garage looks really big! I bet it will be nice to have that project done and out of the way. i hope a car or two gets to find its way into it. I am always amazed at your sewing abilities.

Katrina said...

Your projects look awesome! I didn't know that you could sew - how great! we need to get together sometime!

Kurt and Michelle said...

So many fun projects, I miss being able to see those first hand.

Betsy said...

melanie you really should sell your stuff it is absolutely gorgeous