Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November update

Well, I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Ours was great. We went to Pocatello and stayed with Josh's parents then on Thursday had dinner with mine. I was able to see my mom's new house, which has a lot of potential. People definitely liked the colour brown in the 70's. But I hope that I can help mom get at least one of her rooms updated to this century while I'm down there this christmas.
As most of you know my washer a couple of weeks ago broke. So while in Pocatello we found a new one on black friday. So we are the proud owners of a HE3T steam washer and a HE3 dryer. We got them Monday and Josh installed them that night. I did 4 loads that night and 2 the next day. Now I am caught up on laundry.
The kids are doing great. They are both so excited for christmas. Abbie is already thinking of what she is going to ask Santa for and William is starting to recognize him.
I also can't believe how smart they are. Abbie is writing her name now. Don't ask me how but she figured it out. Last time I was trying to teach her we got stuck on the b's. So we quit for a while. She also amazes me on some of the conversations that she will have with people. Sometimes they are more adult then 4 yr old.
William is growing like a weed. I swear he grows a inch every other month. He's not even 3 and he will be out of 3T clothes by this summer. And we are starting to understand what he says half the time.
Josh and I are doing great. Josh has been working on a garage for his brother's father-in-law. It is bigger then my house square footage wise. I am still at home. Trying to make things look nice. Not always easy with the kids but I try. I think that I need a project to do. But I don't think that Josh will let me tare up the kitchen. For now I'm trying to get him to let me paint our bedroom. We'll see what happens.

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