Monday, April 12, 2010

The Two Weeks of Potty Trainning

Well, as some of you know I started potty training William. I decided to do it when I got back for Washington last month. The first week didn't do so good because of me. We had family come and I just wasn't into it.
After everyone left I went to the book store and found a coloring book about potty training. It came with a chart and sticker. So the next day we taped it to the bathroom wall and we made a fresh start. We started on Thursday and went from there. As you can see William started out pretty good. All he needed was to see what that thing between his legs was really for. Once he figured it out there was no stopping him. Every time he went he would yet 'Mommy I made bubbles'. We would hi five, put a sticker on and then get a piece of candy.
By the end of the second week we ran out of Elmo stickers and had to start using Spiderman. Both Josh and I are so proud of our little man for this big achievement. All I have to do now is to get him out of pull ups at night and we are done.

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shellysanford said...

Yeah! I found your blog, great pics!