Sunday, November 18, 2007

Game time

Hey everyone. This week here in houdekland have been great. Josh finally got the fireplace finished. It looks awesome. He's been working on some inside projects lately because of the weather and the fact that the sun is gone when he gets home from work now. He also put in some steps to the computer room. Now it is a lot easier to get into it especially with a 20 pound kid in your arms.

Abbie is doing great. I took her to the bank on Friday and opened her up a savings account. I am proud to say that she is a Pee Wee Penguin at Idadiv. She's become a big girl so fast I don't know how the time blew by so fast. As you can see in the picture Abbie found our Spongebob game. She loves playing it.

William has had better days. He's been sick most of the week. But I did get to find out that he is a bigger hand full when he's sick. He is all over me just to get comfortable and is very cranky in the process. I just hope that he gets better soon.

Well, that all folks. Talk to you all again next week.

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