Sunday, February 24, 2008


A lot of fun things happened since the last blog. William started walking, Abbie went poop in the potty, and we had a birthday party.

Abbie has gotten to be such a big girl this week. The other day she told Josh that she had to go, so he took her in there. I later took over so Josh could go take his shower, a few minutes later she had gone. She was so excited she went to the bottom of the stairs and said " DADDY, DADDY I POOP IN POTTY, I PUSHED HARD." I never laugh so hard in my life when she said that. But I think that that was a one time thing because since then she hasn't gone.

William on the other hand is walking like crazy. I can't believe how big he is getting. He also had a wonderful birthday party. Made out like a bandit. Got tons of cool toys and some new clothes.
And he did better at eating the cake then what Abbie did on her first birthday.

Well, Josh and I are doing pretty great. The dinning room is pretty much done. Just needs a few touch ups here and there. I've been making Abbie a dress for Easter. All I need to do is a few touch ups on it to. Well, I'll write again soon. Bye.

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