Friday, May 30, 2008

Rock and Roll

Hey everyone. Things here in our neck of the woods are good. Abbie and William got to go to their first rock and roll party. Auntie Sarah had her graduation party tonight and got a band from her school to play. They were really good. Abbie got the play the drums and she even got her very own drum solo. I think she had the time of her life.

Not much else happened. I guess my life officially hit boring.......I wonder when that happened......oh well.

Josh is still in Rexburg. He's working hard at work and at Autumn's. Yesterday he helped her map out her garden.

I'm still doing my thing, being mommy. I've been sewing here and there. But mainly trying to get my house more organized and less messy. Well, I'll write again soon. Bye.

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