Friday, June 27, 2008

Hey Everyone. Long time no write huh. Sorry I haven't updated lately. I could say that I've been super busy....but I haven't. Just lacking in the photo department.

Everyone here is doing fine. Josh is finally back home for now. The kids and I love having him home. We also have been getting a lot of swimming in since he's been home.

Abbie is doing great in the potty training. We started a chart so she can see how well she does. We still have some accidents but that is to be expected. Every morning I have been finding her in William's room playing when he wakes up. She does my morning routine for me. And when I come down to get them up I sometimes find her in William's crib with him.

William is starting to chunk up a little. It looks like another growing spur about to happen. I measured him today and it looks like he grew another half and inch since the last time. I can't seam to keep up with him in the clothes department. I'm just glad it's summer so we just wear shorts and not worry if they are too short.

Well, my talents are starting to ketch up with me. There is rummer around church that I am a good seamstress. I'm not great but I'm not horrible. I was asked to make a dress for a lady in my ward. It is for her daughter for her birthday. It is the wedding dress from the movie Enchanted. I have to say that I am way excited to have the opportunity to do it, and it will give my lots of practice. We went and got the material for it today, and when I put the kids to bed I wanted to start cutting it out than realized that I forgot to wash it. So sad to say I have to wait for it to dry.
Hopefully soon.

Well, I should go and I will try and write more often. Bye.


Anonymous said...

Hey melanie,
I miss all you guys! I wish we lived closer together. Your kids are beautiful. Connor & William are so close in age..its so cute! He's havin' fun in our pool too! And danny is 5 now and asks a million questions all the time! Hopefull we'll see eachother sometime in the near! Love u all,

Chanda and family :)

Orton Family said...

Fun post Melanie and cute photos! I didn't know you liked sewing too! How did the dress turn out? We would love to see a photo!!! Your children are so cute and growing up fast! It looks like you are stayin' cool in your pool and having fun! Enjoy your summer!