Sunday, May 25, 2008


Well this week was a fun one. I started potty training Abbie, and it went surprisingly well. We would only get about 4 accidents a day. Josh and I told her if she did really well that daddy would take her out for ice cream and just her. Well as you can see in the picture, she got it. Josh also took her to the park and played. She came back one happy little girl.
William is doing the same, always causing trouble. He as gotten interested in the whole potty thing. He likes to watch Abbie flush the toilet and see what happens to the water. Even to day he sat on the potty chair then got up and tried to dump it. I think that I will be in potty training mode again before to long.
Josh came home early this weekend so instead of a 3 day weekend, he gave us a 4 day weekend. We all have been enjoying all the time we get with him. Sometimes I think that it might be a little over whelming for him. But he loves us anyway. Well I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Love you all lots. Bye.

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